The Creator Within Us All

The Creator Within Us All

If I were to ask you if you are a creative person, what would your answer be? I know a lot of times when we think about someone being creative or creating something, what comes to mind are things like painting a picture, making music, or writing poetry. Things that the five senses can benefit from. But what about those things we create that can only be felt internally. Those things that affect our emotions and our mindsets. Like peace and tranquility or chaos and drama. The kind of creation that happens when we walk into a room or during our interactions with other people. And let’s not forget about the creation that happens when we’re in the presence of our own company doing absolutely nothing. So, with that being said, I’d like to say that everybody has the ability to create, so therefore there really is a creator within us all.

The interesting part is that some of us are more creative than we know, and we all have the ability to not only create but destroy as well. One could make beautiful music to entertain and inspire the world, but in turn create a lot of drama and chaos in the lives of those around him. Of course, we can never be everything to everybody, but if we do the work in being the best for ourselves at our core, there’s a very good chance that the residuals of that will spill out onto others and make a positive impact in every area of our lives.

Let’s Take It Personal

I’m a firm believer that healing starts with self. And once one person is healed it can have positive effects on a household, a community, and maybe even the world! And in that same token, peace also starts with self. So, if we have peace, love, honesty, integrity, self-love and self-respect within ourselves, that can really make a difference in how we show up in life.

Here I’ve listed areas where we can take a moment to look within, and how these areas affect the life that we are creating for ourselves.

  • Our personal expression of self-love and self-care.
  • The messages and the inner dialogue that we have with ourselves...i.e. the ways that we speak to ourselves.
  • Showing up for ourselves by honoring our body through eating a balanced diet and exercise.
  • Knowing when to rest.
  • Not indulging in relationships, activities, and behaviors that bring stress up on our lives.
  • Setting boundaries with others so that we’re not constantly being violated which in turn can cause resentment towards others. And the effects of that can go very deep!
  • Letting our no be our no.
  • Showing up as someone that adds to our homes, community, and in the world around us, instead of being toxic and taking away.
  • Showing ourselves that we can be trusted by not breaking our own heart and going against our own personal values.

Ponder This

So now that we all know that we have the ability to create, what exactly are we creating? Ask yourself the following questions as you self-reflect and analyze if there are any adjustments that need to be made. These could also be some really great journal prompts as well!

  1.  What kind of life am I creating for myself with my actions, thoughts and habits?
  2. What kind of life or experience am I creating for those around me?

In Closing

I hope that you are able to walk away from this blog with a whole new outlook on your own personal ability to create. Not only the life that you’re creating for yourself, but also for the people around you.

“First keep peace with yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.”
Thomas A. Kempis

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